Youngr™ NMN for a Sharper Mind

By Patricia Ryan
Unlock potential and sharpen your mind with Youngr™ NMN, paired with key antioxidants ergothioneine and resveratrol. Aiding cognitive function and improving memory, our NMN formula offers a significant boost to your brain health. Experience increased mental clarity, focus, and faster information processing after regular supplementation.

The benefits of boosting NAD in the body with a high-quality NMN supplement are lengthy. And while many of those benefits fall into the “reversing markers of aging” realm, NMN’s effect on the mental game is perhaps the most exciting. From promising mice studies to noteworthy anecdotal reports, a lot of people (and mice) are seeing a marked difference in everything from cognition and focus to mental clarity and memory. If you’re wondering about NMN for a sharper mind, read on.

Understanding age-related NAD decline.

You can’t talk about the NMN-cognition relationship without first discussing NAD, which is the essential energy driver in every living cell. Here’s the bad news – NAD levels naturally begin declining as we age, and that decline opens the door to any number of age-related diseases, along with standard markers of aging itself. Think about what it means to get older, and you’ll likely come up with things relating to a slower, foggier mind, less energy, less vitality, forgetfulness, wrinkly skin, hair loss – you know, the general symptoms of aging.

Here’s the thing. As a NAD precursor, NMN helps your body increase NAD production to more youthful levels, which can help stave off all the things we associate with getting older. And yep, a fuzzy mind is one of them.

A businessman with a puffy cloud on his head indicating brain fog.

Of course, it’s not just NMN that’s working wonders. In the Wonderfeel Youngr NMN supplement, there are a few things at play. We pair our NMN with key antioxidants for serious synergistic effects, and two of them have their own impressive cognitive benefits:

  • Ergothioneine. This adaptive antioxidant is found abundantly in mushrooms, with growing evidence that points to its therapeutic effects. From a cognitive standpoint, ergo appears to be non-negotiable, with low levels of ergo a commonality in people with neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson’s disease. People with cognitive difficulties have also been shown to have low levels compared to people of the same age who lack any kind of cognitive impairment.
  • Resveratrol. Perhaps the most well-researched antioxidant, resveratrol is a free radical scavenger and staunch cell defender against oxidative stress. And a side effect of these antioxidant properties? A reduced risk of cognitive decline.

But let’s take a look at the specific benefits of NMN for a sharper mind. At this point, we have a good mix of clinical studies and anecdotal evidence, all of which is highly promising.

Those are some brainy mice.

Several rodent studies plainly show that NMN improves brain functioning. In one study, with a research team that included Dr. David Sinclair himself, researchers note the “adjustment of cerebral blood flow (CBF) to neuronal activity via neurovascular coupling (NVC) has an essential role in the maintenance of healthy cognitive function.” Growing older means an increase in oxidative stress and a greater likelihood of something known as cerebromicrovascular endothelial dysfunction, both of which affect NVC and contribute to cognitive decline. Turns out, a little NMN goes a very long way to restore NVC responses, improving things like spatial working memory and coordination.

Other rodent studies support the idea that NMN improves all sorts of vital functions in the brain, including improved cognition and memory in models of Alzheimer’s disease. And while that’s all great news, especially if you’re a mouse, first-person accounts are always a little more interesting.

What people are saying about NMN for a sharper mind.

Here at Wonderfeel, the personal experiences of our team and various reports from people taking our NMN supplement are pretty eye-opening. “I had a marked improvement on clarity after about the eight to ten-week mark,” reports Patricia Ryan, Wonderfeel co-founder, and creative lead. “My ability to digest information and respond intelligently was clocking in at breakneck speed, almost to a fault. I found myself getting a bit impatient when people weren’t responding in kind.”

Nine weeks into his Wonderfeel NMN regimen, a subscriber likewise notes a big difference. “My memory recall and thought processing are much more acute, especially after a few drinks the previous evening. Overall I feel like my body is running smoother with less fatigue.”

Man in forest envisioning a sharper mind with NMN.

Others report more general signs of improved cognitive function — we routinely hear from people who say that their “mind is thinking more clearly,” or “feeling sharper,” or better able to concentrate because they’re “in the zone,” or perhaps most tellingly, “absolutely crushing Wordle these days” — and all after a few months of regular NMN supplementing.

Patience is a virtue.

While some people notice improved energy in the first few weeks of starting NMN, the cognitive benefits that present themselves in the form of more focus, more clarity, and a more finely-tuned memory seem to take a little longer. Results are, of course, very personal, and hinge on a person’s age and biochemistry, which means timelines vary from one person to the next. Still, impressive cognitive benefits seem to be par for the course whether you’re a mouse or man, or woman. And it makes sense. Remember, by boosting NAD in the body, NMN is literally improving function at a cellular level, and that has a cascading effect throughout the body. Wordle lovers, take note.

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