We are Wonderfeel

By combining the wonders of nature and science, we are on a mission to optimize the healthspan of humankind.

Founded in San Francisco, we are a team of pioneering doctors, creators, entrepreneurs, and scientists, who set out to accelerate wellness technologies through biosciences. 

Our products leverage the magic of the body’s own regenerative systems, empowering individuals with safe solutions to help them live long, healthy lives.



Leading Our Science​​

Cellular Health Pioneer, Andrew Salzman MD​

Outdoors on a University campus, stands Dr. Andrew Salzman, an NAD expert and the chief formulator of Youngr NMN
Salzman's groundbreaking inventions include techniques to combat damage caused by inflammation and oxidative stress to human cells and DNA, as well as tissue damage caused by decreased mitochondrial ATP production.
A physician, inventor, and biomedical entrepreneur with more than 30 years of experience in drug discovery and development, Dr. Andrew Salzman is an alumnus of Harvard Medical School, Yale University, and Columbia University. He has founded many successful ventures, resulting in more than 170 scientific publications and 50 patents.

His invention and development of the original clinical stage PARP-1 inhibitor led to the world’s first clinical treatment for increasing NAD levels and treating cancer caused by BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes. Genentech licensed his breakthrough technology in revamping human cells for $600M.

Dr. Salzman is renowned for his discoveries in

  • Gastrointestinal microbiota (including gut microbiomes)
  • Autoimmune disease
  • Mechanisms of pro-inflammatory gene expression

Today, we can appreciate the importance of his research in areas that are foundational to human health. We are witnessing millions of patients benefiting from the discoveries and drugs developed by Dr. Salzman and his teams.

Our Team

Putting the feel in Wonderfeel
Co-Founder and CEO of Wonderfeel, Baran Dilaver

Baran Dilaver

Co-founder, CEO

Throughout his career, Baran founded and successfully led numerous start-ups, developed award winning products, and collaborated with top scientists, visionaries, and medical experts. He is a frequent speaker at conferences like Tech Open Air, Brandweek, and CannaTech. At UC Berkeley, he studied economics and earned athletic and academic scholarships.

A special thrill, however, comes from enhancing people’s lives through innovations he helps create.

Co-Founder and Chief Wonder Maker of Wonderfeel, Patricia Ryan

Patricia Ryan

Co-founder, CWM

Patty, our Chief Wonder Maker, is known for moving an idea from inception to fruition through her articulated design and production language.

Every project she touches is built from the idea that less is more – from clean, simple graphics to minimal, Earth-friendly packaging. In addition, it pays tribute to Wonderfeel’s sustainability efforts, which she tirelessly leads.

Digital Marketing Manager of Wonderfeel, Gamze Büyükgüzel

Gamze Büyükgüzel

Digital Marketing Manager

Gamze is an entre/intrapreneur and digital marketing aficionado. Since joining Wonderfeel in 2020, she has been twirling a variety of batons with great flair. Leading digital marketing, market research, and growth strategy, she still finds quality time with her FURend Miso, and never misses a pilates class.

Prior to joining Wonderfeel, Gamze grew and perfected digital media communications for Turkey’s largest retailer.

Andrew Salzman

Physician / Scientist / Professor

Soon after joining the team, Dr. Salzman began applying his deft pharmaceutical background into the preventative vision of the company. He is involved in many aspects of Wonderfeel’s biomedical research, product development, and quality control.

Beyond his three decades in drug development, Andrew is easily the most informed and entertaining conversationalist you’re likely to encounter.

Human Experience Designer, Michael Blatter

Michael Blatter

Human Experience Designer

Michael Blatter is an experiential marketing innovator and pioneer. As CEO of Mirrorball, he and his team are united by a clear mission: to design experiences that stimulate people’s emotions and create deep, meaningful memories. Under his leadership, Mirrorball has retained prestigious clients such as Perrier, The NBA, L’Oréal, and Mountain Dew, to name a few.

The Wonderfeel experience can be enjoyed, in part, by Michael’s clever process.

Digital Marketing Expert, Ali Yılmaz

Ali Yilmaz

Digital Marketing

Ali comes from a well-rounded background featuring a balanced blend of tech and digital marketing. In his 6 years at Google, he led teams looking after Southeast Asia’s travel industry advertisers. Before that, he spent nearly 8 years at IBM. For the past 8 years, Ali has been managing SEM, one of the largest digital marketing agencies in Turkey, first as its CEO and recently as its Chairman. As part of Wonderfeel’s advisory board, Yilmaz has quietly turned the internet knobs to help you find us.


The Fundamentals at our Core



We develop our products using scientific methods supported by clinical evidence. We maintain an open and curious mind about all modalities of healing.



We believe in a broad approach to wellness starting with a good diet, some exercise and maintaining an active mind, knowing that each part affects the whole.



Our recyclable glass bottles and 100% post-consumer waste labels are designed with sustainability in mind. Plus, your product is shipped using 100% compostable, or recyclable materials in a box that’s right-sized. It all arrives securely without all the fancy throwaway stuff. We hope you think that’s just as wonderful as we do!



Understanding how you think and feel about your own well-being helps us to develop solutions that fit your specific needs. We truly want to hear from you. We invite you to connect anytime.

Giving Back

Giving Back

The well-being of our customers, our team, and our community come first. Since 2019 Wonderfeel has been proudly supporting StandUp for Kids, a nonprofit that aids homeless youth. One percent of every purchase goes to their efforts.

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