Will NMN Help Me Sleep?

By The Wonderfeel Team
If you’re tossing and turning, searching endlessly for a smooth path to deep, restful sleep and more energized days… you might want to learn more about NMN. Studies show it significantly curbs insomnia, improves sleep, and optimizes daytime performance. Taken regularly, it's your ticket to a revitalized bodily rhythm and regulated clock. Life with an energy boost starts with smarter sleep, and smarter sleep starts with NMN.

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Users Agree: NMN Can Improve Sleep Quality

A common reported anecdotal benefit of taking NMN is improvement in sleep quality, and with the stresses of modern life, who hasn’t woken up feeling tired from a fitful night’s sleep, wondering if there’s a natural way to get a more restorative night’s rest? We’ve all been there: you lie down, tired from your day, but as soon as you shut your eyes you just cannot clear your head, or you start endlessly flipping your pillow over for hours convinced that once you find a fresh cool patch you’ll really be able to let go. Insomnia and the fatigue it creates can be a real life-ruiner, but there are natural solutions that offer a smoother send-off than heavy-duty sleeping pills or Jedi mind tricks. Users who take NMN supplements widely report that NMN improves their sleep quality so that they can feel their best. People taking NMN to boost their NAD levels and turn back their biological clock report higher quality zzz’s and reduced fatigue, which leads to better physical performance and a sharper mind

Does this mean that you should take NMN before bed? Well, it’s a little more complicated than a simple prescription, and you can learn more about dosage and timing further on in this article. What’s certain from user testimonies is the fact that sleep is markedly improved by NMN supplementation. NMN aligns the body with its natural clock, which leaves users feeling fresh and deeply rested. With deeper sleep, tiredness during the day begins to ease and users report improved quality of life. What’s more, new research suggests that these benefits are supported by real scientific data, which will be elaborated below. If you’re wondering whether NMN will help you sleep and improve that sleep quality, the answer is yes.

The Science Behind NMN Sleep Improvement

Research is ongoing in the world of longevity science, including exciting studies about Nicotinamide Mononucleotide, or NMN, specifically. Early in 2022, results from a 12-week study of NMN on sleep quality, fatigue, and physical performance in older adults were published, and well-rested NMN fans everywhere were proven correct – NMN does indeed improve sleep. Results also gave us a little insight into the best time of day to supplement if the goal is less drowsiness.

Researchers rightfully noted that deteriorating sleep quality and physical and/or mental fatigue in older adults reduces quality of life and increases mortality rates. The sleep study was a deep dive into the effects of time-dependent NMN and included 108 participants divided into four groups:

  • 250 mg of NMN received in the morning
  • Placebo received in the morning
  • 250 mg of NMN received in the evening before bed 
  • Placebo received in the evening before bed

Sleep quality was evaluated via the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index (PSQI). Fatigue was evaluated with the “Jikaku-sho shirabe” questionnaire. Physical performance was measured via grip strength, five times sit-to-stand, timed up and go, and a five-meter walk. Results showed that participants who took NMN experienced positive shifts in sleep duration, sleep disturbance score, daytime dysfunction score, sleep quality score. Additionally, the total PSQI global score and the effect sizes of sleep latency, daytime dysfunction score, and total PSQI global score among the participants who took NMN were the largest. Furthermore, a noticeable improvement in counteracting drowsiness, dullness, and fatigue was also found among the participants. This study, experimenting with just a small dose of NMN, is an exciting step forward in understanding more comprehensively how NMN supplements can positively affect sleep and positively influence people’s lives.  

Can NMN Supplementation Help with Insomnia?

Another clinical trial conducted with a randomized, double-blinded, placebo–controlled group, seeks to show that NMN supplementation yields promising results when used to treat insomnia. This study is an exciting and continually unfolding step in showing evidence that NMN may be a powerful tool in the world of optimizing sleep science and combatting more persistent and serious health difficulties like insomnia. 

The trial, conducted in May 2023 in China, worked with 400 patients struggling with chronic insomnia. Half of the participants were administered 320 mg of NMN via supplement daily, while the other was given a placebo. The strength and rigor of the trial lies in its randomized nature, its use of a placebo that closely matches the real supplement, and its comprehensive sleep assessment. The results are still being analyzed to better understand the ways that NMN supplementation can help with insomnia. 

So When Should You Take NMN? In the Morning? Before Bed? 

If NMN is good for sleep issues and tiredness, does that mean you should take one before bed? Many think of sleep aids as something akin to a sleeping pill; you take one, it makes you tired and drowsy, and you fall asleep. As a naturally-occurring compound that works with your body’s innate systems, NMN is more complex than a simple pop of a magic pill, and it is advisable for users to experiment to see what time works best for their bodies and reactions. And while there was no statistically significant interaction in sleep quality as assessed by the PSQI, “there were significant main effects of time in sleep duration, sleep disturbance score, daytime dysfunction score, sleep quality score, and total PSQI global score,” compared to the placebo group, and a group receiving NMN in the afternoon enjoyed the biggest change. Given these findings, it’s safe to say that the cumulative effects of NMN supplementation are what change people’s bodily clocks, and individuals can choose what time of day yields the best outcomes for their individual needs. If one thing is for sure, it’s that NMN works differently for different people, depending on their body; it’s a collaboration between your body’s needs and a naturally occurring compound. 

While the study in question is dealing with a relatively low dose of NMN—only 250 mg—the experts at Wonderfeel agree that the study’s promising results show that NMN may be sleep aid, and can work even more effectively at around 600-900 mg. For clinical trials, especially early on with such an exciting new natural compound, more conservative dosages are often used. The doctors and researchers at Wonderfeel have optimized the Youngr™ supplementation dosage to help align the benefits of the compound with the body’s natural rhythms and work to its optimal capacities. Users agree that Youngr™ NMN supplements have a meaningful impact on their sleep troubles, and this anecdotal evidence is supported by the promising results of the clinical study. 

Sleep Quality Means Newfound Energy

A night of superior, high-quality sleep translates to more energy the next day. And increased energy from better sleep is a benefit that’s doubled when you’re taking NMN, which has such a profound effect on your NAD levels. Declining NAD levels contribute to pesky aging factors that slow us down – less energy, lower endurance abilities, and a general sense of feeling fatigued. The opposite is likewise true – NAD levels that are returning to more youthful levels trigger cascading effects in the body, including triggering sirtuin activity. NMN feeds this family of proteins to regulate cellular health, SIRT1, in particular, and it’s essential for everything from physical activity maintenance to skeletal muscle mitochondrial function to – wait for it – sleep quality.

Turquoise wave dreaming with NMN

Everyone’s body is different, so there is no one-size-fits-all response to taking NMN. If you find that taking NMN gives you more energy than you expected, experiment with dosage and timing. Because your body already produces NAD, supplementation might work in collaboration with those systems, and you might find that you’ll want to put your newfound energy to good use, spending more time being active during the day as a way of setting yourself up for a good night’s sleep.

Regulate Your Circadian Rhythm and Revolutionize Your Body’s Clock

Those same NMN-powered sirtuins are involved in regulating your circadian rhythm. Specifically, sirtuins are known to help control the activity of the body’s “master clock” located in the hypothalamus, which regulates sleep-wake cycles and other physiological processes. The human body is a fascinating machine with various intricate biological processes. Recent research has unveiled two standout processes that play a vital role in predicting the onset and progression of Alzheimer’s disease: NAD metabolism and circadian rhythm.

NMN circadian sleep cycle

These two are the dynamic duo of brain health. NAD is like the superhero of molecules that provides cells with energy and repairs damaged DNA, while circadian rhythm is the body’s internal alarm clock that keeps things ticking like a Swiss watch. The study found that disruptions in these processes can increase the risk of Alzheimer’s disease, emphasizing the importance of maintaining healthy NAD levels and a regular sleep schedule. Staying sharp can be as simple as getting enough sleep and keeping those NAD levels up with supplements like Wonderfeel Youngr™ NMN.

Better sleep is among the many other studied benefits of NMN, and it’s a big one. The link between wonderful sleep and good quality of life is clear, and with Wonderfeel Youngr™ NMN, you can take steps to significantly improve them both. By implementing NMN supplementation into your routine, you will be able to sleep more soundly just knowing that you are taking proactive care of your health. 

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