Does NMN Reverse Aging?

By The Wonderfeel Team
NMN, as a NAD precursor, has shown promising results in reversing aging-related symptoms. Clinical studies in mice and humans indicate increased energy levels, improved cognitive function, and boosted metabolism. While it depends on individual definitions, NMN's ability to raise NAD levels and trigger cellular-level benefits makes it an exciting breakthrough in the pursuit of healthier aging.

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The fountain of youth has long held appeal, but in the real world, the myth of some magical elixir gives way to more pragmatic methods of staving off the hallmarks of age. Even among those committed to aging gracefully, who wouldn’t want more energy, a sharper memory, healthier cellular function, an improved metabolism, or greater fertility? It’s the stuff of legends, in its own way, but research is showing us quite clearly that it’s all possible. Even as you read this, researchers are in the midst of major breakthroughs, with NMN (nicotinamide mononucleotide) the latest and greatest compound in aging science. There’s plenty of reason to be excited, but does NMN actually reverse aging? It’s important to recognize the difference between lifespan and healthspan before answering that kind of question. Here’s what the science says about NMN and aging.

Defining aging.

Aging is the process of becoming older, and there’s something to be said for all the wisdom we gain along the way. But it’s the physical and psychological symptoms of that process that really stick it to us. In a world filled with people who are living longer than ever before, aging well has never been more important. And while the specifics will vary, we can probably all agree that aging well probably describes some version of staying healthy enough to be active, with strong cognitive function — and bonus points for looking and feeling relatively youthful.

If we take a deep dive into what’s actually happening as we age, we very quickly run across NAD, a molecule with a very important role in every single cell in our bodies. Without it, innumerable enzymes and proteins can’t do their jobs, to catastrophic effect. Unfortunately, declining NAD levels are associated with all kinds of age-related diseases — and the very process of aging itself. Truly, languishing NAD is just part of growing older. 

Enter NMN. As a NAD precursor, NMN cannot only stop that decline in its tracks, but actually turn the tide, raising NAD levels to more youthful levels. And the impact of that is impressive. To date, clinical studies with mice and people alike are more than promising. A few key takeaways:

  • NMN increases energy levels. In mice studies, stamina and endurance improved by up to 80%. For people, having more energy is a standard reported effect from taking sufficient levels of NMN.
  • NMN improves cognitive function. Feeling “sharper” and better able to focus and concentrate is another reported effect of taking NMN. In mice, studies clearly show an increase in brain functioning, with more blood flow to the brain and improved cognition.
  • NMN boosts metabolism. An aging metabolism means a greater risk of multiple diseases, and a human study shows the role of NMN in improving muscle insulin sensitivity by enhancing the ability of insulin to trigger sugar uptake while also increasing specific gene activity. Researchers note that it could be a sign of NMN’s potential as a tool against age-related disease.
  • NMN improves age-related decline in mice. Think about what it means to get older, and we likely picture more wrinkles, gray hair, poor eyesight, brittle bones, and a weaker immune system. All of these age-related deteriorations — minus the hair — improve in mice taking NMN.
  • NMN increases libido. Some people taking NMN report a stronger libido, and mice studies show it can also improve fertility.
A series of hourglasses dispensing sand in reverse.

There are other studies that show various benefits of NMN specifically on markers of aging in older animals, and more clinical studies are underway with people, too. The big takeaway is that by boosting NAD in the body, NMN can help improve function at the cellular level, triggering a domino effect of benefits that cascade through the body. But does NMN reverse aging? That depends on who you ask and how they define it.

Here’s the thing. There’s no shortage of lengthy and well-funded longevity studies. Researchers are actively exploring how we can add not only years to our lives, but quality years at that — years marked by a healthy body and the energy and mental acuity to continue all the things we love. As these studies continue and advances are made, NMN absolutely falls into the scientific breakthrough category. We know, beyond any doubts, that raising NAD levels has tremendous value for our health in multiple ways. And it’s available here and now! Wonderfeel’s Youngr™ NMN — a patented blend with ergothioneine derived from mushrooms, hydroxytyrosol from olives, and resveratrol from grapes, all powerful antioxidants that complement and enhance the effects of NMN – is designed to raise NAD levels to more youthful levels. Whether or not you consider that to be truly reversing aging is up to you, and we invite you to try Wonderfeel so you can be the judge.

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