Wonderfeel NMN Capsuls™

60 Vegan Capsules – 30 Day Supply
1000mg NMN per Serving (Two Capsules)

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Boost your supplement stack with our 500mg NMN (Nicotinamide Mononucleotide) capsules. Backed by over 1400 scientific papers, NMN has been shown to elevate cellular health, enhance vitality, and promote longevity.

A perfect fit for the self-styled biohacker looking to curate their own journey to optimized wellness.

Serving size: 1000mg NMN (two capsules)

60 Capsules per Bottle
Each capsule contains:

• 500 mg Nicotinamide Mononucleotide

Does not contain soy, gluten, dairy, or fish.
Non-GMO, vegan friendly, does not contain preservatives.

Microcrystalline Cellulose (MCC)* added for stabilization.

Our capsule shells are made from vegetable cellulose and are 100% vegan.

*(MCC) is refined wood pulp often used as a texturizer and anti-caking agent.

Take two capsules in the morning with or without food.

NMN is a water-soluble molecule, which means, on its own, it does not require dietary fat for it to be absorbed and utilized in the body.

Pregnant or nursing mothers, children under the age of 18, and individuals with a known medical condition should consult a physician before using.

We craft our products with highest quality ingredients at cGMP facilities in the USA. This means adhering to the most strict, federally regulated quality controls. In our commitment to transparency, we provide traceable, 3rd party lab results for every batch we make. Just send us an email with your request.

What’s the difference?

NMN Capsuls™

Made for wellness enthusiasts who want to design their own supplement regimen or “stack.” A single capsule contains 500 mg of pure NMN, so you decide your dose. But for those over 40, 1000mg is the optimal daily dose to help increase energy levels, restore skin elasticity, improve sleep quality and cognition, and aid in organ health.


Youngr™ NMN

An advanced take on NMN, our patented 900mg Youngr™ formula does more than NMN alone. It’s built with emergent antioxidants and sirtuin activators to defend NMN on its path to your cells. When you can get more NMN where it needs to go, your body will start producing more of the NAD it needs. You see, we’ve already created a darn good stack of our own.

Common Questions

People report a variety of effects ranging from increased energy, clearer thinking, and improved skin elasticity to noticeable relief from aches and pain, improved sleep, along with rapid recovery from hangovers and jet lag. Read more here.

Some people report greater energy levels and improved mental clarity within the first one to three weeks while others find it takes a month or two. It may take a full six months for more profound effects to manifest. Just as the decline of NAD is slow and steady, so is the build up. See more on this topic here.

NMN is an intermediate compound between NR and NAD, meaning NR converts to NMN, at which point NMN triggers NAD production. By taking NMN directly, you eliminate the step of having your body convert NR to NMN. More on this subject here.

We are investigating delivering NMN in various formats in order to increase its bioavailability. Currently, there is no scientific evidence to support that NMN in sublingual or liposome forms having higher bioavailability. Furthermore, no leading research institute is using NMN in such forms as in liposomes and sublinguals to boost NAD levels. Currently, oral capsules are the most efficient format and are widely used in all research institutes. We certainly look forward to sharing the findings of our research led by Dr. Salzman, an NAD expert.
NMN production costs have come down substantially in recent years due to its popularity and use among health-minded people like you. This trend is likely to continue, so with the hopes of building long-term relationships with our customers we’re paying it forward with more accessible pricing.
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