Is the Purity of NMN Supplements in the Market a Concern?

By Patricia Ryan
With the increasing availability of NMN supplements, it's crucial to consider purity. You should know the potential risks of subpar products and the importance of verifying the source and reputation of the brand. Wonderfeel ensures purity with cGMP-certified facilities and transparent testing.

Pure NMN matters.

Ah yes, the age-old question: How can I trust that a supplement contains what the label claims? There are an increasing number of companies selling NMN supplements on websites like Amazon with a generic name and no other online presence. Unfortunately, some are selling inferior products with questionable results. When doing your research, make sure to check the source, the people behind the company, and their reputations. Above all else only buy NMN supplements that are made in cGMP-certified facilities assuring purity.

What about Youngr™ NMN?

We here at Wonderfeel understand that you might be dubious of NMN products on the market today, so we’d like to take this opportunity to provide some much-needed reassurance.

cGMP NMN supplement purity badge

At the heart of our production process are Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) rules and requirements. Wonderfeel is produced in the USA at cGMP-certified facilities which are held to the most strict FDA regulations. Always committed to transparency, we provide trackable, 3rd party lab results for every product we make.

Quality comes with cGMP standards.

When it comes to quality control, we use only the best ingredients, testing them before production and at intervals throughout. During the manufacturing process, our capsules are batch-tested according to strict guidelines to ensure consistency of fill and ingredients. After this, the finished product is sent to an independent third-party laboratory to ensure our capsules contain exactly what our label states. This lab will also test for any additives, contaminants, and impurities to ensure the highest level of quality.

Rest Assured, our NMN supplements are pure.

We take the safety and quality of our products very seriously and remain vigilant about staying cGMP compliant. Our customers retain a high level of confidence and trust in the quality of our products. So, rest assured that with Wonderfeel®, you can believe what’s on the label and trust the purity of our NMN supplements.

You can request a copy of the COA (certificate of authenticity) for any of our products by sending us an email at

OK, but is NMN safe overall?

Aside from purity, if you are concerned about the overall safety of NMN as a supplement look no further. We have a quick article about that too!

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