Does NMN Boost Energy Levels?

By The Wonderfeel Team
Explore the potential of NMN in boosting energy levels, underpinned by its critical role in NAD biosynthesis. While clinical evidence remains limited, early trials and anecdotal reports point towards increased stamina, enhanced oxygen utilization, and an overall energy increase from NMN supplementation.

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If you’re considering taking NMN, you’re probably looking for an effective way to raise NAD levels. And your reasons for that are probably related to warding off some of the markers of aging to improve healthspan. Raising NAD levels to more youthful levels is associated with all kinds of wonderful benefits, but what about more energy? Does NMN boost energy levels? Here’s what the research shows, what anecdotal evidence says, and why NMN is very likely a great option if you’re looking for more energy to burn.

The benefits of boosting NAD levels with NMN.

NAD plays a key role in every living cell. Without it, all sorts of enzymes and proteins can’t do their jobs. The process of aging itself has been called a “cascade of robustness breakdown triggered by a decrease in systemic NAD+ biosynthesis and the resistant functional defects in susceptible organs and tissues.” Clearly, this is one critical little coenzyme. 

Energy levels affected by NMN seen as vibrant molecule structure.

Here’s the thing — NAD levels naturally decline as we age, and it’s a steep drop. By the time we hit mid-life, our NAD levels are half what they were in our youth. But oral NMN, like Wonderfeel’s formula, is rapidly absorbed and converted to NAD in the body. This kind of supplementation has been scientifically shown to increase NAD biosynthesis, and the list of benefits is pretty lengthy. In addition to boosting metabolism, improving cognitive function, increasing libido, and improving age-related decline, NMN does indeed increase energy levels.

NMN for more energy.

Clinical evidence is admittedly limited, but there are mice studies that show an increase of both stamina and endurance by up to 80% with NMN, suggesting its potential for boosting energy levels. And while we currently lack much in the way of human clinical trials specific to NMN and energy, there is one exciting albeit small study. The trial was performed on 48 amateur runners and found NMN increased their aerobic capacity during exercise. Researchers concluded this increase relates to enhanced oxygen utilization in skeletal muscle.

Anecdotal evidence about NMN as an energy booster also abounds. Among people taking sufficient levels of NMN, more energy is a very commonly reported effect. When you consider some of the other anecdotal benefits of NMN — noticeable relief from aches and pains, rapid recovery from hangovers and jet lag, improved quality of sleep — it makes sense that people also feel more energetic. Physical pain in itself has been linked to a drop in energy efficiency, energy capacity, and physical activity levels, especially in older adults.

By improving the quality of sleep and eliminating the aches and pains that make getting through the day so challenging, it’s easier to feel energized to do the things we love. And the more you move, the more you want to move. It’s a good cycle.

2 capsules in hand totaling 900 mg NMN for increased energy levels.

Dosing NMN for more energy is key. When we formulated Wonderfeel in 2020, we used all of the available research and consulted our resident expert, Dr. Andrew Salzman for his recommendation. His stance was supported by the research — a stronger dose is critical to reaping all the benefits of NMN, including boosted energy levels. In fact, one of the most comprehensive human clinical studies about NMN to date supports 900 mg as the most effective NMN dose. As it happens, that’s the daily dose you can enjoy with just two Wonderfeel capsules daily.

The bottom line.

There are a number of proven benefits for reversing declining NAD levels. Energy is among them, even if research for this particular perk is still in its infancy. The best approach at this point is to see for yourself whether NMN changes your energy levels for the better. If your experience is anything like ours, and the many, many people who are taking Wonderfeel NMN, odds are good you’ll be happy with the outcome.

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