When Does NMN Start Working?

By The Wonderfeel Team

The science is clear — raising NAD levels has myriad benefits, from more energy to improved focus, and better skin to faster recovery times. But if you’re taking NMN to boost NAD levels, how quickly will you see its effects? When does NMN start working? Good question!

First, a Quick Overview

While the idea of boosting NAD has been around for a while, NMN is still a relatively new science. Some 20 years ago, a team of scientists discovered SIRT1, the genes of sirtuin. It’s a very important family of proteins responsible for controlling aging, a feat accomplished via any number of cellular pathways that affect cellular death, work to repair DNA, regulate metabolism, and more. The team began tinkering with SIRT1, and learned that organisms with more of these genes had longer lifespans.

You already know that NMN is used as an NAD booster in the body for all those benefits listed above. Those effects are the result of NAD activating sirtuins. In fact, without NAD, sirtuins don’t work at all. That’s an issue for everyone because NAD levels begin declining as we age. By the time we hit age 50, we’re left with half of what we had at age 20. That means our sirtuins — and their much-needed defense against all the hallmarks of aging — are likewise decreasing. Boosting NAD with NMN is a game changer, but when will its effects kick in? The thing is, it really depends.

It’s… Personal

Wonderfeel’s NMN is in capsule form for optimal bioavailability. Swallow our recommended dose, and your body’s NAD levels will also start rising quickly. But the effects of that increase may take some time to become noticeable. Some people start noticing certain effects within the first two to three weeks. Others find it takes a month or two, and still others need a full six months for profound effects to manifest.

Just as the decline of NAD is slow and steady, so is the build up. The best approach is to assume it’s going to take some time. Give yourself six months, and be observant. Consider keeping a journal and tracking your progress across varying parameters — think energy levels, quality of sleep, general recovery times after things like physical activity, air travel, or a few glasses of wine. If you’re noticing other benefits, like improved skin elasticity or greater endurance, track that as well. You’ll be able to look back at all of these gradual changes after six months or a year and see definitively the benefits you’re experiencing. 

Ready to get started? Check out our recommendations for dosing and get your hands on some Wonderfeel Youngr™ NMN today!

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