NMN Benefits: How Long Does it Take to Work?

By The Wonderfeel Team
After one to three weeks, you may notice NMN starting to work from the increased energy you feel. But the longer-term effects take time. Expect more profound changes around the 3-4 month mark, but individual experiences vary, so be patient and track your progress.

The science is clear — raising NAD levels has myriad benefits, from more energy to improved focus and better skin to faster recovery times. But if you’re taking NMN to boost NAD levels, how long does it take to work? Good question!

First, a few benefits of NMN for NAD production.

NMN’s benefits are broad-ranging, from sustained energy to improvements in skin elasticity and even quality of sleep. NMN is also benefitting your liver, brain, and other organs, helping your body to function better and extend its youthful resilience. Simply put, your body needs NMN for NAD production. And if you’re asking why raising NAD levels matters, just look at the potential benefits.

A quick NMN overview.

While the idea of boosting NAD has been around for a while, NMN is still a relatively new science. Some 20 years ago, a team of scientists discovered SIRT1, the genes of sirtuin. It’s a very important family of proteins responsible for controlling aging, a feat accomplished via any number of cellular pathways that affect cellular death, work to repair DNA, regulate metabolism, and more. The team began tinkering with SIRT1, and learned that organisms with more of these genes had longer lifespans.

Activating sirtuins with NMN + Resveratrol.

You already know that NMN is used as an NAD booster in the body for all those benefits listed above. Those effects are the result of NAD-activating sirtuins. In fact, without NAD, sirtuins don’t work at all. That’s an issue for everyone because NAD levels start declining around age 30. By the time we hit age 50, we’re left with half of what we had at age 20. That means our sirtuins — and their much-needed defense against all the hallmarks of aging — are likewise decreasing. Resveratrol, a potent polyphenol and probably the best-known sirtuin activator, is a key player in our Youngr™ NMN formula. Check out our article on Resveratrol’s role in boosting insulin sensitivity, as well as its benefits to the nervous system.

How long before NMN starts to work?

Boosting NAD with NMN is a game changer and a great place to start, but when will you know it’s working? The thing is, it really depends.

Speedometer infographic on how fast NMN Starts Working

If you take Youngr™ NMN as directed, you may quickly feel a difference in your energy levels and metabolism. You might notice that you feel more energized throughout the day, and you may find it easier to stay active. This is the first sign that NMN has started to work.

Getting the most out of your NMN supplement starts with understanding how long it takes to feel the longer-term effects working. The same way a car needs time to warm up, NMN takes time to start up. It takes about three weeks for your body to adjust to our supplement and start to absorb the NMN molecules.

Once your body has adjusted, usually around the 3–4 month mark, you should start to feel more profound effects. Sustained and youthful energy should set in, sleep may become deeper and more restful, and it should become easier to focus. You may also notice that aching joints become more bearable, and some people will find it’s easier to recover from muscle soreness.

Before and after results?

Just have a look at what our customers are saying…

Starting my second month, but so far, I’m happy with the results! I’m almost 60 years old and have had tendonitis in my shoulder for over 20 years. I always had that pain when working out. That pain is now gone. I also have fibromyalgia and have a lot of nerve pain. That has improved.” ~Brent

My partner, 79, was diagnosed last year with vascular dementia. We tried several medications prescribed by her neurologist, but shortly after starting Youngr, to my astonishment, she is flying through her word puzzles – 4 in less time than it took for her to do 1.” ~Ron P.

“I had that blah feeling of being out of shape. I used to be able to lose 10 pounds in a few weeks, but now it doesn’t come off so easily. I started taking Wonderfeel, and long story short, within 6 months, I completed my first Olympic-length triathlon, had lost 20 pounds, and was back to feeling healthy again.” ~John G.

“As a fitness professional, I ask a lot of my body, and I admit, at the age of 48, I am starting to feel some effects. Within 5 days of starting Wonderfeel, I observed a noticeable improvement in my inflammatory symptoms, more “leeway” with certain food sensitivities, and am eating foods that I was previously avoiding. After 4 months, I recognized I was getting 8.5 hours of fantastic sleep, waking refreshed and in a good mood. I have received multiple compliments about how great my skin looks. (One long-time friend even asked if I’d had injections!) In short, I am very impressed by this product…Thank you, Wonderfeel!” ~Laura B.

It’s… Personal

Wonderfeel’s NMN is in capsule form for optimal bioavailability. Swallow our recommended dose, and your body’s NAD levels will also start rising quickly. But the effects of that increase may take some time to become noticeable. Some people start noticing the effects of NMN working within the first two to three weeks. Others find it takes a month or two, and still others need a full six months for visible effects to manifest.

Just as the decline of NAD is slow and steady, so is the build-up. The best approach is to assume it’s going to take some time. Give yourself six months, and be observant. Consider keeping a journal and tracking your progress across varying parameters — think energy levels, quality of sleep, general recovery times after things like physical activity, air travel, or a few glasses of wine. If you’re noticing other benefits, like improved skin texture or greater endurance, track that as well. You’ll be able to look back at all of these gradual changes after six months or a year and start to see definitively the benefits of NMN working from your own experience. 

Ready to get started? Check out our recommendations for dosing and get your hands on some Wonderfeel Youngr™ NMN today!

Youngr NMN two 450 mg Capsules Wonderfeel

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