How to Track Changes While Using NMN?

By The Wonderfeel Team
Tracking your journey with NMN supplements like Youngr can reveal gradual, transformative changes in energy, recovery times, cognition, and more. Setting reminders and documenting specifics can illuminate the personal benefits of restoring NAD levels. Remember, it's not about the destination, but the enriching process of healthy aging.

Generally speaking, people aren’t always the best at noticing gradual changes. And while that’s part of the fun when scrolling through old photos, it clouds our perception of any real change NMN is influencing. That’s why we advise anyone taking Wonderfeel Youngr NMN to track their health journey. It’s the best way to understand the effects of NMN on an entirely personal level. We make it easy with a simple survey you can complete at various points of your journey, and we have a few other tips.

Set reminders.

Taking an NMN supplement, like our own Youngr formula, is a proven way to restore NAD to more youthful levels and shed years from our biological age. It fits in seamlessly with other lifestyle choices that help keep us young. Things like a nutrient-rich diet, stress management, getting your steps in, and intermittent fasting (if you can swing it). If you don’t already have a morning routine that includes your NMN supplement, you don’t have to make a big change, but setting a daily reminder can help you stay on track. As with most things, consistency is key.

Track your changes with NMN.

While many positive benefits of a daily NMN supplement have been clinically proven, there’s no hard-and-fast timeline for when people might begin noticing these changes. For some, more energy is obvious within days. For others, it’s a few months before they start noticing faster recovery times and improved cognitive function. Documenting specifics can make it really easy to see what’s changed from your first day using Youngr NMN, and there are a handful of things you may want to track. As part of our own research, we offer Wonderfeel customers a voluntary survey designed to be completed at four intervals – day 1, day 15, day 45, and day 90 – with questions that cover everything from physical to mental improvements. Email us at if you would like to participate in the NMN survey and track your changes with us.

Youngr NMN survey icon to track changes

While the beauty of participating in our NMN survey is convenience, below are some changes you can track on your own. There’s also a slew of health-tracking apps and wearables out there like Fitbit or the Oura ring. No matter what tracker you use, the key when starting your NMN protocol is to be aware of the differences that fly under the radar. To get a really clear picture try a spreadsheet, calendar, or journal to log more of the physical changes that pop up. We suggest keeping an eye on:

  • Energy levels. On day one, consider what’s normal for you. How would you rate your energy level on a scale of 1 to 10? Is an afternoon slump typical for you?
  • Recovery times. Think about how you feel after a few cocktails, a long flight, or a challenging workout. Rate your typical recovery time and jot down any notes that may be helpful as a baseline.
  • Physical performance. Do you find your current level of health limits your physical performance in any way? Can you walk or run comfortably? Climb several flights of stairs with ease? Carry groceries? Consider what’s normal for you, and take notes.
  • Cognition and memory. Are you experiencing “brain fog” or having difficulty recalling things? Has your work efficiency and productivity declined? Do you find it challenging to stay on task and focused? Give yourself a baseline rating on that 1 to 10 scale. 
  • Sleep quality. What’s a normal night’s sleep like for you? Do you often wake in the night, experience difficulty falling asleep, or feel tired in the mornings? 
  • Athletic performance/strength. If you’re currently physically active, how would you rate your general performance?
  • Inflammation. Do you have bad knees, a stiff shoulder, sore joints? Be specific about the severity of pain you feel, when you feel it, and where it’s located.
  • Resting heart rate. Make a note!
  • Skin. Skin improvements are often a happy benefit of daily NMN, and it may be worth snapping a selfie to track any changes. A tip – make sure to take your initial and progression photos in the same spot, at the same time of day, with the same lighting for the most accurate assessment.

Mark your calendar or set a reminder to update your data every two to four weeks, and you may find that in three, six, or nine months, you can clearly map your own progression in this healthy aging journey.

The Takeaway

Keep in mind that this really is a journey – there’s no destination, but rather a process. After all, healthy aging is intrinsically tied to the small habits that make up a healthy lifestyle. Seeing actual progress from NMN is the best encouragement to stay the course so that you can enjoy a longer life and a healthier, happier one too. So track your changes from the start.

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