Muscle Recovery: How NMN Helps Adults Combat Physical Stress

By The Wonderfeel Team
Clinical studies show NMN enhances muscle recovery and physical performance in adults, particularly the elderly. It works by boosting NAD and nutrient supply to muscles and even aids in faster recuperation from metabolic stress. Additionally, NMN can prevent age-related muscle loss and contribute to a more active lifestyle.

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Hitting the half-century mark brings wisdom and freedom, but it also comes with some sneaky biological challenges. Bone density loss and muscle mass decline set in and sedentary lifestyles can accelerate this. This leads to slower recovery times than in our younger years. Now for the good news –  NMN can be a game changer in recovering from physical stress, and sore muscles. Here’s why.

Stronger, and faster recovery with NMN

Animal studies laid the groundwork for the idea that increasing NAD in the body can improve physical performance and recovery by boosting blood and nutrient supply to the muscles. Clinical studies with humans are confirming it. A 2021 study looked at the effects of an oral dose of 250 mg of NMN – a precursor to NAD – per day in men over 65 for twelve weeks. Not only did NMN increase NAD levels, but renewed muscle strength led to better performance. This was demonstrated in walking speed, grip strength, and how many times participants could rise from a seated to a standing position in 30 seconds.

The most recent clinical trial looked at the effects of NMN on humans. It likewise saw significant improvement in NAD blood levels and a walking endurance test. Notably, there was an impressive upswing in muscle performance with higher doses of NMN, specifically at the 900 mg mark.

How else can NMN help?

NMN has been generating quite a buzz for its multifaceted benefits, with muscle recovery being one of its standout talents. But its abilities don’t stop there! Recovery, in the context of NMN, isn’t just about bouncing back after flexing those muscles during a grueling workout. Recuperating faster from things like jet lag, a particularly late night, or too much alcohol is pretty commonly reported. That makes sense – both fall into the realm of metabolic stress, something that NMN can also address. More studies are needed, but it would appear that with alcohol in particular, NMN can have a modulating effect because of its impact on the liver. In fact, NMN is being explored as a way to reduce the liver damage associated with chronic alcohol consumption.

Cocktail and jet with contrail shows NMN for hangovers, jetlag, and more than just muscle recovery

The effects of NAD on jet lag have also been studied, with researchers finding it may counteract the effects on cognition and sleepiness. Keep that in mind next time you catch an overseas flight or pull an all-nighter!

It’s not just slower recovery times that come with aging. Muscle loss is inevitable, something that can largely be traced to mitochondrial dysfunction and a decrease in adenosine triphosphate (ATP) production. ATP has a big job in the cells of living organisms — hello muscle tissue — and it needs plenty of NMN to thrive. Think of ATP as a sort of storage locker for energy that’s produced by the mitochondria. When the cell needs energy, it opens the storage locker to release various molecules, including NAD. So, yes, NMN can play a significant role in inhibiting the loss of muscle as we age providing a renewed feeling that can help keep you active.

A slowing of mitochondrial function has a dampening effect on ATP and NAD production. This is problematic for many reasons, including the fact that NAD is itself critical for mitochondrial function. A decline in NAD contributes to what we consider the aging process. In terms of physical performance, we see it played out in things like higher fatigue levels, a drop in body strength, declining muscle mass, and, yes, reduced recovery times from physical activity. That’s in addition to other age-related conditions that begin popping up as these systems slow and NAD production nosedives, such as metabolic disorders, heart disease, and cognitive decline.

The NMN energy recovery connection.

The fact is that the less we move, the less we want to move, the more tired we feel, and the longer it takes to feel better if we do move. It seems counterintuitive, but low energy levels are intrinsically tied to inactivity. That’s because we need oxygen to produce energy, and sedentary lifestyles limit oxygen to the brain and body, which means a big energy dump.

Fortunately, the reverse is true as well – the more we move, the more energy we have, and the more resilient our muscles and tendons become, even in our later years. There are all sorts of benefits of physical activity for older adults, which is why experts everywhere are so adamant about staying active. It truly keeps us youthful, and that’s in no small part to the fact that exercise naturally increases NAD levels in the body, which, again, stimulates mitochondrial production. 

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to your own physical plan of action. “The recommended type, frequency, and exercise intensity will vary depending on age, endurance levels, and medical history”, says personal trainer Dr. Mikulsky in Total Shape. Her suggestion is to exercise with enough intensity that it becomes slightly challenging to hold a conversation with a friend. So, if you’re able to have a full-blown discussion about your favorite TV show, you may need to up the intensity a bit!

Strong yogi man on vivid orange background recovered with NMN

As we embrace active lifestyles, recovering from vigorous or even moderate activities can feel like trying to catch a gust of wind, especially as we get older. But with NMN, we can harness the power of the breeze and propel ourselves toward optimal muscle recovery. It goes without saying that the more NAD we have, the better. Fortunately, a daily dose of NMN, like our own Wonderfeel Youngr, makes it easy.

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