Sustainable Refills Just Got Better

By Patricia Ryan
As part of our relentless commitment to sustainability, we’ve spent the last 12 months on a mission to combat plastic waste. Now, we're thrilled to unveil the fruits of our efforts — sustainable refills made with B-Corp certified ECLIPSE™ technology. Instead of receiving a new bottle as part of your subscription, you can simply refill your existing one. But it gets better. Our refill pouches aren't just recyclable, they're also biodegradable, which creates a truly ideal disposal scenario.

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Sustainable refill packaging meets a (serious) need.

It’s impossible to ignore: alarming volumes of harmful plastic enter our environment every single day, where they will persist for generations. No matter how you look at it, plastic waste is a monumental problem for our planet. At Wonderfeel, we champion the idea that plastics shouldn’t be designed for careless disposal, and we’ve spent the last year searching for the most conscientious way possible to package our products. Reader, we found it. Youngr™ NMN sustainable refill pouches aim to break the cycle of plastic pollution, thanks to a revolutionary bio-assimilation technology from ECLIPSE™.

Subscribers will receive our signature recyclable glass bottles, with refills arriving thereafter. Simply pour the contents into your existing glass bottle, and you’re good to go!

Need a new bottle?

Of course, if you’re ever in need of a replacement bottle, just log into your Wonderfeel profile and make the request under “My Subscription” anytime before your next renewal.

Fact: just 9% of plastic is recycled.

These days, it’s not enough to simply be recyclable. After all, the vast majority of plastics don’t end up being recycled as intended, and not all cities have the necessary infrastructure in place for the job anyway. Fortunately, that’s not an issue for our new pouches. The tech built into our refill pouches means they’re both recyclable and biodegradable—even if they end up in a landfill. It’s called bio-assimilation, a process that is automatically triggered in natural or landfill environments within 6 to 42 months, leaving absolutely no trace of microplastics behind. It’s a wonderfully purposeful design aimed at a circular economy, turning waste into a resource that nature can readily absorb.

A closer look at bio-assimilation.

Bio-assimilation sounds great, of course, but how does it actually work? In simple terms, the plastic transforms at the molecular level by breaking down bonds, allowing tiny microorganisms to consume the carbon present in the plastic. Think of it as nature’s way of recycling — once the process starts, it’s unstoppable, ensuring no microplastics are left behind.

Wonderfeel NMN sustainable refill pouch with mulch.

The magic behind our technology.

Let’s delve deeper into the transformative stages:

  • Starting Point: As our pouch concludes its lifecycle and finds its way to the recycle bin or landfill, the polymer has a molecular mass of roughly 200,000 Daltons (Da).
  • Stage 1: The transformation begins! Bonds within the material start breaking, and the molecular mass decreases as long chains become shorter.
  • Stage 2: As the chains get shorter, they go from repelling water (hydrophobic) to attracting it (hydrophilic). This attracts water rich in microorganisms, forming a biofilm around the chains and reducing its mass to around 40,000 Da.
  • Stage 3: As the transformation continues, more carbon becomes exposed. The microorganisms in the bio-film begin consuming this carbon feast, leaving just 5,000 Da to go.
  • Stage 4: Eventually, the microorganisms finish dining, clearing all the carbon and leaving behind water, CO₂, and biomass. That’s it. There’s no trace of the original plastic left.

An ongoing commitment. 

Our foray into sustainable refills and eco-conscious packaging stems from a profound commitment to our planet’s future. Sustainability is one of our core values, something we put into practice with recyclable glass bottles and FSC-certified labels. With bio-assimilation technology, we’re going even further and making strides toward slashing plastic waste and safeguarding our environment. It’s part of our quest to maintain a healthy planet for healthy people — and you’re part of it. Mother Earth, we’ve got you!

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