Wonderfeel® Announces Clinical Study of its Novel NMN Supplement on Human Cells

By: Wonderfeel
The multipronged in vitro study focuses on the protection of human tissues from oxidant stress and inflammation and the optimal preservation of NMN for NAD production.
Cross-section diagram describing things that affect bio-age: tanning, partying, sitting at a desk, weight gain, genetics, sedentary, and socioeconomic strain.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, November 9, 2022 – Wonderfeel®, a frontrunner in wellness biosciences, announces today that they have begun in vitro studies of its novel supplement, Youngr™ NMN. The study intends to reveal the efficacy of their formula in providing cellular protection against tissue injury and dysfunction caused by oxidant stress and inflammation which are among the leading causes of cellular decline and aging. The study’s parameters will also mimic physical exercise to gauge how efficiently Wonderfeel’s formula can help reduce the effects of exercise-induced stress and aid recovery.

Each of the four components comprising Wonderfeel’s formula, NMN, ergothioneine, hydroxytyrosol, and resveratrol at varying permutations, will be carefully examined for their ability to preserve cellular levels of NAD and the health of the cells. 

Cross-section diagram showing inflammation, exercise induced damage, and oxidant stress.

Wonderfeel Chief Medical Officer, Professor Andrew Salzman MD, explains that “Inflammation and oxidant stress are common causes of tissue injury and dysfunction. If left untreated over months and years, oxidant stress and inflammation can cause significant tissue damage.” 

Baran Dilaver, CEO of Wonderfeel adds “Our study is expected to shed light on how the components act in synergy with NMN to enhance exercise performance and slow the progression of aging for healthy individuals. For those with medical conditions, Wonderfeel’s goal is to efficiently anticipate diseases and health challenges that are most likely to benefit from our NMN formulation.” The company hopes that the information gleaned from this study will inform product development in both consumer and pharmaceutical applications.

The in vitro study will be carried out at Salzman Group, led by Wonderfeel’s CMO Professor Andrew Salzman MD, a renowned physician, scientist, and inventor with over 60 patents and 170 peer-reviewed papers.  

About Wonderfeel®

By combining the wonders of nature and science, Wonderfeel is on a mission to optimize the healthspan of humankind. Founded in Silicon Valley in 2018, Wonderfeel is a team of pioneering doctors, creators, entrepreneurs, and scientists, who set out to accelerate wellness technologies through biosciences. Their products leverage the magic of the body’s own regenerative systems, empowering individuals with safe solutions to help them live long, healthy lives.

Contact: team@getwonderfeel.com

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