Wonderfeel Biosciences Welcomes Leading Mitochondria Expert Dr. Colwyn Headley of Stanford, and Promotes Dr. Luis Cifuentes

Mr. Headley, Ph.D. at Stanford, joins Wonderfeel’s Scientific Advisory Board, and Mr. Cifuentes MD, a clinical pharmacologist is promoted to the Director of R&D position.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, July 10, 2024Wonderfeel Biosciences, a leader in longevity technologies, announces significant additions to its science team marking a significant step forward in its mission to combat age-related decline through advanced nutraceutical and pharmaceutical solutions.

Dr. Colwyn “CoCo” Headley joins Wonderfeel’s Scientific Advisory Board. Dr. Headley, a distinguished Postdoctoral Fellow at Stanford University, is known for his research focusing on aging-associated mitochondrial dysfunction and immunity. His newly published paper ‘Mitochondrial Replacement Therapy to Treat Aging-associated Immune Dysregulations’ has been noted as one of the most groundbreaking in the field.

Baran Dilaver, the CEO of Wonderfeel, highlights the significance of Dr. Colwyn’s work “Coco is one of the most exciting young scientific minds of his generation. His novel research takes an out-of-the-box approach and, through subsequent inventions, is poised to impact billions of people worldwide. We are eager to collaborate with him and leverage his deep expertise in mitochondrial health.”

Dr. Headley shared his enthusiasm, stating “Preserving cellular health is integral to health aging. Helping the Wonderfeel team in unraveling the mechanisms of action of their unique blend of compounds and understanding how they improve cellular health, particularly mitochondrial health, aligns perfectly with my long-standing research interests.”

In other Wonderfeel news, Dr. Luis Cifuentes has been promoted to Director of R&D and Product Development. Dr. Cifuentes is a professor, medical doctor, and clinical pharmacologist with advanced degrees from the University of London, UK, and McGill University in Canada, and has a career spanning pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries over the last 25 years. Dr. Cifuentes joined Wonderfeel full-time in December 2023, helping Wonderfeel Chief Medical Officer, Dr Andrew Salzman, in drug discovery and product development, and he has been leading the company’s preclinical trials. “Dr. Cifuentes brings incredible depth and value to our efforts, and his dedication to our cause and to the scientific method made him quickly a pillar of our RD efforts,” adds Patricia Ryan, the Co-founder of Wonderfeel.

Dr. Cifuentes states, “Joining the Wonderfeel team has been a fascinating experience, as the company’s advancements are highly focused on preventing various systemic alterations, thereby enhancing overall well-being and increasing life expectancy for humanity.”

About Wonderfeel [www.getwonderfeel.com]
Wonderfeel is a longevity-focused wellness biosciences company. Founded in Silicon Valley in 2018, Wonderfeel is a team of pioneering doctors, creators, and entrepreneurs who set out to accelerate wellness technologies. Their products leverage the magic of the body’s own regenerative systems, empowering individuals with safe solutions to help them live long, healthy lives.

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