Wonderfeel® to Launch Youngr™, Targeting the Root Causes of Aging

By: Wonderfeel
An interdisciplinary team of bioscientists have developed a novel formula that helps people live longer and healthier lives by restoring health at the cellular level. 
Wonderfeel Youngr NMN, two capsules daily usage

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, May 18, 2022Wonderfeel® [www.getwonderfeel.com], a frontrunner in wellness biosciences, announces U.S. patent application, and largest human clinical trial for their launch of Youngr™, a revolutionary synthesis combining NMN, the most direct NAD precursor (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide), with emergent antioxidants creating a predominant supplement to maximize healthspan. The result is a first of its kind patented solution to increase the production of NAD, which begins declining once adults are in their 30s, and is responsible for biological aging at the cellular level. The benefits of reversing this decline include improved cognition, energy levels, skin elasticity, overall organ health, and more (full benefits found here). Youngr™ is now available to order at www.getwonderfeel.com.

“From a historical perspective, we are at an inflection point in biosciences where we can advance people’s well-being to unprecedented levels. To achieve such levels, a two pronged approach is crucial,” says Baran Dilaver, Co-Founder of Wonderfeel®. “The first approach is to leverage recent discoveries to build our physiological health starting at the molecular level, and the second is by enhancing our happiness and mental fitness. Youngr™ is a breakthrough product addressing that anatomical approach while providing great benefits for brain health and cognition.”

Longevity science is an emerging category poised to redefine the future of preventive healthcare. Scientists focused on optimizing healthspan – the period of life spent in good health and free from chronic disease – have proven that NAD plays a central role. The effects of its decline are recognized as the hallmarks of aging. With the launch of Youngr™, Wonderfeel has advanced that science for those who will benefit most – adults ages 35+. 

Youngr™ NMN (nicotinamide mononucleotide) capsules deliver novel antioxidants for a multi-targeted approach designed to reduce oxidative stress, help prevent chronic disease, and stave off markers of aging. In addition to 900 mg of NMN, a daily serving delivers:

  • 4 mg of Ergothioneine – Dubbed the “longevity vitamin”, it’s the most effectual element in mushrooms. Continued scientific evidence suggests ERGO has tremendous cognitive benefits and prevents the brain from aging.
  • 20 mg of Hydroxytyrosol – A potent polyphenol with metabolistic, anti-inflammatory and antitumor properties. This compound is derived from the leaves and fruit of the olive plant, and is among the strongest antioxidants, 10X more than green tea and 2X more than coenzyme Q10.
  • 100 mg of Resveratrol – Working jointly with NMN as a sirtuin activator, it’s designed to boost mitochondrial activity, and allay metabolic disease. Studies have shown that resveratrol at a lower dose acts as an anti-apoptotic agent, thus increasing cell survival proteins.

Andrew Salzman, Harvard MD and Wonderfeel’s chief scientist, piloted the core research behind Youngr™. A physician, inventor, and biomedical entrepreneur, Salzman has spent decades in drug discovery and development. In addition to 50 patents, Dr. Salzman is credited with a breakthrough discovery in cellular DNA repair, which led to the world’s first clinical application for successfully treating breast cancer caused by mutations in BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes, and is an expert in NAD science and genomic pathways.

“NMN alone is incredibly beneficial. But the ability of NMN and NAD to be effective in the cell is dependent on low oxidative stress,” explains Dr. Andrew Salzman. “Oxidant stress is present at all times in our cells, particularly as we grow older. Fortunately, the antioxidants packaged into Youngr™ can shield our cells from much of that stress, meaning the NMN we’re delivering is ultimately more effective.” 

Wonderfeel® partnered with Abinopharm, Inc, to analyze, interpret and release their preliminary findings from the largest double blind study conducted to date on the effects of NMN. According to Dr. Salzman, the results are promising, with men and women aged 40-65 who took various doses of NMN supplement showing significantly improved health scores and biomarkers.

For more information about Youngr™ and product news, visit: www.getwonderfeel.com

About Wonderfeel®

By combining the wonders of nature and science, Wonderfeel is on a mission to optimize the healthspan of humankind. Founded in Silicon Valley in 2018, Wonderfeel is a team of pioneering doctors, creators, entrepreneurs, and scientists, who set out to accelerate wellness technologies through bioscience. Their products leverage the magic of the body’s own regenerative systems, empowering individuals with safe solutions to help them live long, healthy lives. 

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